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Nayo Wills, M.D. at Nava Health and Vitality Center is a Washington DC HCG Diet Doctor that has over 10 years of experience practicing Functional and Integrative Medicine in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area. As a Washington HCG Diet Doctor, Nayo Wills, M.D. offers medically supervised HCG Diet plans that are based on the patient’s body composition and weight-loss goals.

Her program is simple to follow, and includes a personal program of essential supplements, a restricted caloric intake, and a daily dose of a medically prescribed HCG hormone. Her medical supervision, paired with the patient’s commitment to the program’s guidelines, is essential in achieving results.

Taking an Integrative Medicine approach, Dr. Nayo Wills is trained to find the source of a patient’s health concern, and she does not try to hurry clients out to get to the next appointment.

Dr. Nayo takes the time to understand patients’ issues and goals, explain the meaning of lab results, and develop a customized treatment plan. Helping numerous patients to lose weight with the HCG Diet, Nayo Wills, M.D. offers solutions that lead to long lasting results.

Dr. Nayo Wills at Nava Health and Vitality Center has been using the HCG Diet to help countless men and women lose significant amounts of weight and achieve a happier and healthier lifestyle throughout her career. Washington DC HCG Diet Doctor, Nayo Wills, M.D. specializes in developing customized medical weight loss plans using the HCG diet. Patients are able to lose weight in a safe and medically supervised environment with the support and encouragement needed to persevere towards their weight loss goals. Maintaining a healthy body weight can promote optimal health and wellness, as well prevent medical conditions and diseases associated with obesity such as heart disease and diabetes.

As with any dieting program, Dr. Nayo offers personalized consultations and medical supervision throughout the duration of the process, as dieting can be hazardous if not treated with the proper care and professional oversight. As an HCG specialist, Dr. Nayo Wills’ high success rate is attributed to this important detail in her methods, with careful attention at every step in progress.

Obesity on the Rise

According to the Harvard School of Public Health, an estimated two-thirds of the adult population within the United States is overweight or obese. In American children aged 2 to 19, more than 30% suffer from adolescent obesity. With such a large percentage of Americans, adults as well as children, suffering from obesity or categorized as being overweight, the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has classified the rise in obesity and weight related conditions as an epidemic.

How the HCG Diet Can Help

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is a specialized hormone that is secreted by the placenta during a woman’s pregnancy. The sole purpose of this biochemical protein-hormone is to locate fat stores throughout the body and break them down for the body’s metabolic activities. Coupled with a low-calorie diet, an HCG diet plan utilizes this special hormone to effectively break down the fat housed within the body’s cavities and restore proper metabolic functioning, optimal health, and dramatic weight loss results. As an HCG diet specialist, Nayo Wills, M.D. has been successfully treating her patients who have had little or no success with other dieting programs, weight loss supplements, and exercise routines in the past.

One of the most important functions of fat is to provide a means of storing calories (energy) for use by the body in cases of famine or starvation. This is precisely how HCG was discovered in the mid 1900’s by the British physician, Dr. ATW Simeons while treating malnourished pregnant women in India who were able to give birth to healthy babies despite their lack of nutritional intake. Fat itself is not the enemy, and in fact a healthy body will always have a certain percentage of stored body fat. Unfortunately, the levels of body fat most people carry around are higher than what would be considered healthy. Some of these fat stores accumulate in hard to lose areas and can stubbornly hang on through rigorous exercise and diet routines. This stubborn fat is what is targeted first by the HCG hormones, and a patient on an HCG diet plan can expect to lose deposited fat stores from under the chin, arms, stomach and thighs.

Getting Started With The HCG Diet

Nayo Wills, M.D. performs comprehensive diagnostic lab work to help patients determine candidacy for the HCG Diet. After assessing medical history, personal health goals, and lifestyle habits, Dr. Nayo Wills will develop an individualized treatment plan, incorporating the HCG Diet and a personal program of essential supplements. Initial consultations and the 2nd visit typically last 30 – 45 minutes with the medical practitioner. The HCG Diet may last for 2 or 3 months, which includes maintenance phases. The HCG hormone is offered in the form of injections, and patients are offered continued support through follow-up meetings with medical practitioner and a nutrition expert and peer support meetings at Nava Health and Vitality Center. Dr. Wills has helped numerous men and women to reach their weight loss goals with the HCG Diet.

Consult Washington DC HCG Diet Doctor, Nayo Wills, M.D. at Nava Health and Vitality Center today to learn more about how the HCG diet can help you improve your quality of life and ensure a long and happy journey throughout life!

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