Benefits of The HCG Diet

HCG Washington DC Clinic Nava Health Center of Washington DC offers HCG medical weight loss plans to promote and restore health and happiness in the lives of men and women throughout the Washington DC and Washington Metro areas. Customized HCG diet plans meet each patient’s unique needs and help them effectively shed unwanted body fat. Using a Washington DC HCG diet plan comes with many benefits including dramatic weight loss results and the opportunity to learn new eating habits and lifestyle choices.

Much of the HCG Diet’s success is attributed to the amazing interaction of the natural HCG hormones with the metabolism and hypothalamus. So many other diet plans on the market today offer a one size fits all approach to weight loss, while the HCG medical weight loss plan is custom tailored for each individual’s unique needs. This is what sets the HCG diet apart as a leading weight loss solution, and thousands of patients who have been failed by other traditional diet plans in the past have found the weight loss results they have always wanted with an HCG diet plan.

The HCG diet utilizes the human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) hormone, which was studied first by Doctor Simeons in the 1950’s. A British Endocrinologist, Doctor Simeons unlocked the secrets to using HCG as a medical weight loss solution, and created the very first HCG diet plan. Since it’s invention, doctors and medical weight loss professionals have been using variations of Doctor Simeons HCG diet plan to treat patients all over the world.

The HCG diet couples daily supplementation of the HCG hormone with a low-calorie diet customized to the needs and weight loss goals of each individual patient. The low-calorie diet restricts the patient’s daily caloric intake and focuses on retraining patients into making healthier food choices, focusing on lean proteins, and fresh fruits and vegetables.

When observing this low-calorie diet, the HCG hormone interacts with the metabolism and causes the body to burn stored fat for the added energy and nutrients needed to preserve energy levels. Some patients experience results of up to 2,000 calories of fat being burned each day by the metabolism, taking pounds and inches from troublesome areas such as the stomach, thighs, arms and chin. Due to the interaction with the metabolism, patients on an HCG diet plan typically do not experience the many symptoms related to hunger that most people usually associate with dieting.

Aside from the aesthetic benefits of losing weight, many patients who have tried the HCG diet have also experienced several of the following benefits:

Improved Metabolic Activity

Many patients who suffer from being overweight describe feelings of fatigue, exhaustion, and irritability. This is usually true for two reasons. First, carrying around more weight than needed requires the body to use more energy just staying mobile. Excess fat slows down the body both inside and out; excess fat within the circulatory system can inhibit the digestive and respiratory systems, preventing the body from maintaining metabolic efficiency. And finally, patients that are overweight usually have poor diets before beginning an HCG diet plan. By starting the HCG diet today, you can not only experience weight loss results within only a few days, but also begin making your first steps towards a healthier lifestyle full of nutritiously rich and revitalizing foods.

Lower LDL, Higher HDL Cholesterol

The HCG diet works to minimize fat stores within the body, which, in turn, dramatically reduces the amount of “bad” cholesterol (LDL) found within the blood stream, thereby increasing the amount of “good” cholesterol (HDL). Lower levels of LDL cholesterol can decrease the risks of atherosclerosis, stroke, and heart attack, among other coronary heart conditions. As the HCG diet uses excess fat in the body for fuel, Liver function can also be improved, thus avoiding risks of other chronic conditions such as non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases (NAFLD). If you already have concerns with your liver health, call Nava Health Center of Washington DC to learn more about how the HCG Diet can help you on your road to recovery

Prevention of Hashimoto’s Disease and Hypothyroidism

Losing weight with the HCG Diet has been known to decrease inflammation as well as complications with metabolism, including prevention of Hashimoto’s Disease and hypothyroidism. Regulating your weight with the HCG Diet can also help stabilize your thyroid, reduce inflammation, and prevent further disease and illness.

The HCG Diet to help vast numbers of men and women to overcome obesity. Specialized programs are designed to meet individual needs and preferences in order to set patients up for weight loss success. The HCG Diet can effectively help men and women with weight loss, preventative health care, as well as to achieve their desired changes in lifestyle and health goals.

With a customized HCG diet plain tailored to your body’s unique needs, you can achieve the weight loss results you want!

To learn more about the many benefits of losing weight with an HCG medical weight loss program, contact Nava Health Center of Washington DC today to schedule a consultation!